Oatley Wild Oats Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Margaret Pemberton Western Australia
Australia is blessed by the most fortuitous microclimes to assemble vital, well rounded and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blends. The quality of Semillon is critical to the finished wine, providing both framework and zing. Wild Oats is bright, zesty and quenching, exhibiting crisp fruit flavours and herbal complexity on a well rounded yet lighter palate. An excellent poolside refresher and fine accompaniement to good seafood or cheese.
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Case of 12
Clean, crisp and fruit driven, Australia's Sauvignon Semillon blends have captured the minds of wine lovers everywhere, perhaps for no other reason than their suitability to the maritime growing conditions. The Oatleys underlying philosophy has been to find the right vineyard with the right soil and match it to the right varietal, no matter where that vineyard may happen to be. Wild Oats are aiming for an exhilarating blend that's classically dry and white, is vivacious and fruit driven, and can be counted on to deliver every time. Separate parcels are fermented with neutral cultured yeasts to capture and preserve the juicy flavours, lively textures and varietal characteristics of the Semillon Sauvignon accord.
Pale straw colour, clear and bright. Fresh lifted aromas of wild nettles, citrus blossom and freshly mown grass. The palate is delightfully refreshing with gentle savoury fruit flavours of lemongrass and lemon pith. Gooseberry and currant, grapefruit and sorbet characters accompany the wine to a lip smacking finish.
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