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Moet & Chandon originally acquired the Green Point property, an old dairy farm at Coldstream along Maroondah Highway, with a vision of establishing a prestigious Australian label. Set in the verdant hills of Victoria's propitious Yarra Valley, Domain Chandon continue to over deliver, completely dedicated to the production of the finest quality, cool climate table wines. The excellence of their renowned sparklings are due in no small part to the quality of the estate's Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A regimen of extravagant Burgundian techniques, achieve a range of superlative Yarra Valley table.. These old yarra valley vines are just getting better»
Marlborough viticulture owes much to the import of emigres from war torn Europe. Many were skilled fruit growers while others were passionate winemakers. They quickly discovered the magical affinity between aromatic white varietals and the mistral valleys of Te Wai Pounamu... Match a meal with maria»
Longview are one of the most highly awarded wineries in Adelaide Hills, inducted into the South Australia Tourism Hall of Fame for their stately homesteads and the sublime excellence of their vintages. A place of pristine viticulture and breathtaking beauty, where native gums flourish with wild abandon amongst the closely husbanded plantings. It's all captured within the fruit of the wines themselves, the purity of varietal expression, the elegance of tannins and seamless textures, Longview are all about encouraging the grace of a truly resplendent harvest, to retain its eloquence from vineyard to bottling... Natives amongst the vines»
David Wynn introduced cardboard wine casks, flagons and the Airlesflo wine tap to the nation. He is best remembered for re packaging the Coonawarra estate which bears his name and which endures as one of Australia's icon brands. Wynn was a master of his craft and studied oenology at the world renowned Magill wineworks. An astute marketer and talented blender, he also had a keen eye for the land, investing in the ancient John Riddoch fruit colony and planting vines on a challenging site, high atop the lofty latitudes of Valley Eden. Mountadam Vineyards were built from the ground up, with a view to crafting a limited range of well structured, weighty wines,.. The legacy parcels of mountadam vineyards»

Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand
Babich can lay singular claim to coaxing some of the most articulate varietal wines from both of New Zealand's majestic Isles. This eminent winemaking estate pioneered the dearly loved Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc genre, it endures to this day in a fuller, riper, softer style that drinks beautifully on release. An assemblage of fruit grown to finer Marlborough vineyards has been seamlessly fashioned into a tropical, refreshing and clean wine that calls for chicken caesar and the freshest fish.
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Established amongst the kauri gum fields of New Zealand's northlands early last century, Babich have become one of the most eminent labels. Their reputation for making great wine extends far beyond the land of the long white cloud. Babich operate over a hundred hectares of choice Marlborough vineyards and source grapes from the best local growers. Abundant sunshine and dry autumns encourage grapes to develop under a long, slow, ripening period that intensifies flavours. Following the harvest, grapes are quickly crushed and pressed into fermenters, juices are vinified at controlled cool temperatures to capture and retain the intense varietal fruit.
Pale straw colour. Gooseberry, herbal and tropical nose, lifted herbals and lime, notes of wet pebble and gun smoke. A delicious palate entry that's of sun ripened stone fruits, grapefruits and white berry, layered with rock melon before a zesty, long herbal passionfruit finish, quite literally mouthwatering! A well balanced wine, its luscious creamy texture mates well with food.
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