Cope Williams Romsey Brut N.V CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Macedon Victoria
Romsey Brut is a blend of very slow ripening Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with often a substantial proportion of reserve wine to ensure that the authentic House Style of Cope-Williams is maintained year after year. Winemaker Gordon Cope-Williams is indeed from the Old Country and his passions for bubbly and cricket have manifested themselves in a cricket pavilion on top of a sparkling wine maturation cellar, next to a cricket pitch. Established in the seventies, the Cope-Williams winery releases discreet quantities from within a very limited range.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The gently beautiful Cope-Williams Winery has more than a little Englishness about it. Conferences and weddings are the principal activities on a truly quiet rural site that boasts a sophisticated winery, vineyards, cricket oval, real tennis court, numerous other ball sports and a diversity of rooms for dining, conference, and the quintessential wedding reception. On Sunday, lunches are offered alongside the wines, which include the brilliant Cope-Williams fizz, Romsey Brut. Alcohol 12.
Appearance is a white honey hue with straw tinged highlights and an extremely fine bead. Nose of tea-cakes, treacle and baking spices, very rich with citrus and herbal oils. A fruit and sandwich baskety bouquet that displays superb yeast and bready highlights with ample stonefruits and refreshing mild cakey spices. On the tongue there is a buttery, golden texture awash with apples and pear, sweet yeast, dried fruit rinds and hints of extended lees maturation. A wonderful sparkler that hails from mature and well tended Macedon vines.
Cope Williams
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