Gran Sasso Pinot Grigio 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio Abruzzo Italy
The vineyards of Abruzzo are refreshed by a confluence of mountain and maritime breezes, to yield generously proportioned yet balanced wines which call for cuisine. A choice selection by the highly capable Gran Sasso team, of the finest Abruzzesi grown Pinot Grigio, is followed by an exacting vinification, to achieve an immediately approachable Italian table white, exhibiting remarkable freshness and wonderful directness of fruit. A delicious Italian white to enjoy everyday, bliss alongside marinated seafood or pastadura & hard Italian cheese.
Each year, the Gran Sasso winemaking team take the pick of the harvest and transform the quality fruit into fully accessible wines which can be enjoyed every day. They work very closely with growers, ensuring that vines are treated to the right amount of pruning and care. Parcels are assembled from individually owned and operated vineyards within the premier Abruzzo viticultural precincts. Grapes are harvested off vines planted to the north facing, mountainous terrains and delivered to the Gran Sasso wineworks at Ortona. A brisk vinification in controlled fermenters captures the ripe flavours and luscious complexity of Pinot Grigio, while retaining all the freshness of fruit and preserving vitality of style.
Golden straw yellow hue. Stonefruits, apple and pear nose. A refined, fresh and zesty palate of stylish fruit flavours, apples, grapefuit and crisp, drying mineral supported by mouthfeel and texture before a balanced and well rounded finish. A highly versatile Grigio wine that's as compatible to rich, garlic inspired recipes as it is to good cheese and fresh fruit platters.
Gran Sasso
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