Stanton Killeen Rutherglen Ruby Port 500ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Touriga Rutherglen Victoria
A blend of varying vintages of predominantly Shiraz and Touriga Nacional wines with a smaller component of Cabernet, treated and fermented separately to the point where an addition of fine brandies arrests the innoculation, preserving natural fruit sugars, textures and varietal complexities. The wines are then held in a combination of seasoned large and small oak barrels before assembling into a ruby style of port. An immensely satisfying Rutherglen wine, with some slight barrel aged characters showing through on the bouquet and palate.
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In 1864 John Lewis Stanton purchased land at Rutherglen, establishing a farm and vineyard. Today, thirty of the best hectares of well drained soils, ranging in quality from gravel ridges to red loam on the slopes under which lie porous clays, are planted to some of Rutherglen's most ancient vines. It is on the latter soils that the classic Stanton Killen fortified wines are grown. Stanton Killeen utilise the modern technologies of tanks and cool fermentation techniques counterbalanced by the traditional method of open vat fermentation, imlementing almost two centuries and six generations of Rutherglen viniculture. Accumulated skill and mystery are integral to the production of supreme Rutherglen wines. Alcohol 18.
Bright red, fawning robes. Silky smooth aromas of cherry and plum, liquorice and anise biscuit, walnut and hazelnut, tobacco leaf, seaweed and rancio. Excellent entry onto the palate where some bright varietal fruit opens up, cassis and ruby berries, red and black currants, eucalypt and chocolatey mint, raisin and hazelnutty shortcrust, some exciting bitter characters of unsweetened marmalade and citrus peel. It closes to lingering impressions of cherries and dried apricot, stilton and pipesmoke.
Stanton Killeen
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